Troubleshooting Guide For Garmin Common Errors

There are various issues that hinder your Garmin experience and irritates when you need your device most. Issues include failure to power on, failure to detect signal, suddenly shut down during use, unresponsive touchscreen, GPS locking up, etc. There is a more adverse situation that user face like lost satellite reception, uploading & downloading problems, sound failure, logic board causing failure to GPS device, loose or vibrating battery, etc. Here our technicians provide solutions to issues found common among all users. Follow the guidelines depending on your problems:

Issue 1: The GPS Navigation Unit Isn’t Starting Up Or Open

  • If the vehicle key isn’t powered on to ACC or IGNITION position, set it to ACC or in the IGNITION position.
  • Ensure the power cable is properly connected to the GPS navigation unit.
  • Check if the blown fuses behind the GPS navigation unit or radio system, if yes, then replace it with a fuse of the same amps.
  • Make sure the battery is working properly and if it’s flat, replace or charge it up.
  • The remote controller is running out of battery power and change the remote control battery if needed.

Issue 2: No Sound Output/Can’t Hear Voice/Any Voice

  • Make sure speaker wires are connected properly to both the GPS navigation unit & speakers.
  • Also, make sure the navigation unit is not set on “Mute”. Press the Mute key or VOLUME (+/-) to check the sound.
  • Press the + VOLUME KEY, if the sound is excessively low.
  • Press the remote control panel OSD or check the Option “Audio” and its settings to get the proper sound.

Issues 3: Garmin Device Is Paired But Not Connecting To Sync Data To ‘My Garmin Connect’

If the data from your device has stopped syncing to your account, there are some troubleshooting instructions that you take which should fix your problems. Firstly, make sure your device is within the Bluetooth range of your Smartphone & the Bluetooth on your device is not turned off. Follow the steps given below and check if your issue gets resolved:

  • Close Garmin Connect application and then reopen it.
  • Turn off your Garmin device, and again turn it on. In case of using Rechargeable devices without a power button, plug your device into a USB power source via charging cable. If you have vivofit devices, then the power cycling the device isn’t possible.
  • Turn off the Smartphone & turn it back on.
  • Disconnect the Garmin device from Garmin Connect Application and add it again.

Issue 4: Garmin Connect Isn’t Finding Your Device During The Pairing Process

If you face the ‘Garmin Connect manual sync’ realted problem like you try to add your device but it fails to connect or the application doesn’t find/scan your device. Here are the instructions to enable pairing mode on the Garmin device:

  • Make sure if the pairing mode on your device is activated.
  • A Bluetooth beacon signal will be triggered when the pairing mode is turned on your device.
  • If it doesn’t enable yet, check the device settings to turn on Bluetooth.
  • Disable & enable back the Bluetooth on your Smartphone.
  • If turning on the Bluetooth doesn’t help, simply reboot your device by turning it off and on once.
  • Now after rebooting, try to enable Bluetooth and turn it on.

Other sync related errors can be related to Bluetooth, App update, sync failed, connecting to iPhone, unable to pair the Garmin Nuvi device, mobile application errors. If you are confronting the problem with GPS maps or other services of Garmin then feel free to reach our technical specialists. Our techies will help you to set up your device, connect is correct to application and update the required settings.